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Sybil Starr was born in Chicago, Il and at an early age moved to the east shore of Michigan, where she spent all of her youth. She is an avid reader. Sybil is a fierce girl who loves the outdoors & outdoor activities including; hiking, fishing, running, kite flying, camping, bon fires, exploring, swimming, boating, biking, gardening, hayrides, bird watching, & astronomy. She loves jamming out with friends while playing the guitar on her front porch. You could catch her most summer days at a Detroit Tiger baseball game. Sybil is Episcopalian & strives daily to keep the Lord first in her life. Sybil has a BA in theatre/speech communications & loves producing videos & websites. She founded her guerilla style production company in 2005. Now her company (Sybil Starr Productions) creates content for 6 websites, and uses HD technology.Also a poet & painter, Sybil finds the greatest expression of who she is while competing on the wrestling mats.

Sybil has been modeling since 2004 and also began her fight career in 2004 at the Michigan Sports Camp under the tutelage of Dan "the Beast" Severn & has fought across the U.S. & also in Japan & Greece. Sybil has been trained in judo, jujitsu, folk style wrestling, Muay Thai kick boxing, karate, boxing & pro-style wrestling. Sybil has a professional mixed martial arts record of 1-1. She is a lifetime fan of prostyle wrestling & feels like she is living her dreams everday by being a "lady wrestler."
She has wrestled on the independent pro wrestling circuit throughout Ohio, Michigan, Indiana & Ontario, Canada. She is a two time womans wrestling champion. Sybil's home pro-wrestling federation is the Price of Glory Wrestling Federation (http://www.priceofglorywrestling.com).
other federations Sybil has worked for include:
EWF in Marion, Indiana, 1st Women's Champ
BWCW in Port Huron, MI
GWLA in Lima, OH
PWA in Ontario, Canada
WCWA in Kokomo, IN, Women's Champ
Sturgis Bike Rally, Buffalo Chips Campground, Sturgis, SD 2008

Sybil Starr is currently sponsored by:
The Michigan Sports Camp (http://www.the-beast.com)
House of Pain (http://www.houseofpain3.com/mmafighters.html)
and sponsorships are still available! Please contact Sybil directly! sybil.starr@gmail.com

Sybil Starr's Pro-MMA record (as reported by sherdog):

 Loss Takayo Hashi Submission (Armbar) Smackgirl - Will The Queen Paint The Shinjuku Skies Red? 3/11/2007

 Win Melissa Vasquez Submission HOOKnSHOOT - The Women Return 11/18/2006


Other fantasy fight companies Sybil has worked for include:

Sybil loves to fight! Whether it be boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts, apartment style bikini wrestling, oil/messy wrestling or cat-fighting, the physical competition sends a thrill to her very core. She is available to work events for your wrestling promotion or to fight in your videos. Please e-mail her directly at sybil.starr@gmail.com